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I started using Biomedis a few months ago and have been very pleased with the results.  In particular the positive effect it has had on my leg and hip.  For a long time I had a lot of pain at night in my right hip and going down my leg due to a previous accident.  On using the Bio etc.  over a few nights, the pain had eased considerably until I didn’t have it at all.  

I keep the Biomedis turned on now every night and can finally get a good nights sleep.

I've had a severe reaction to vaccine in May 2021 and haven't been able to get back to work like I used to. Tried the bio medis scan and treatment yesterday and have to say I feel more like myself today. I'm not fully 'better' but that was after just one session,I'm definitely going back for more. I'd tried so many different treatments, have been a complementary therapy practitioner myself for over 20 years and most of the things I tried actually made me worse, the rest did nothing at all. I know we all have different reactions, but it's

definitely making a difference to me and put light at the end of the tunnel. And my sense of fun and humour is really good today, that in itself is a blessing. Leaving aside all that I got to meet two of the loveliest people, so genuine and caring. It was lovely to feel so safe, as I was afraid that there was a chance I might react to the signals but far from it!

I have been using my Biomedis products for 3 months. I first bought an Actiway as I was feeling overwhelmed with life. I had a lot of issues going on, from being post cancer to mental health issues. I had no energy, no interest in participating in life, I was living on takeaways and fast food. If I wasn’t working, I was in bed. I bought the Actiway in April and from the first day I noticed a difference. It was subtle at first but within a week I was cleaning my house, I was cooking fresh food from scratch. Within a couple of weeks, I noticed that my mindset had completely turned 360 degrees. I was sleeping better and waking refreshed, I was not sluggish I actually wanted to get up and live my life again. I felt better than I had in years. I next bought a Zen wave, and this supercharged everything. I was almost back to my old self. I was having such good results I decided to buy the Trinity. I have been using it daily for the last 2 weeks and I am blown away by the benefits I am experiencing. I feel like the clock has been turned back 20 years (I’m 60). My skin and hair look better than they have for years. I use the wrinkle reduction programme and honestly, I can see a huge difference. My mental health is really good. I have suffered from anxiety and stress for years, but that is almost gone. I am bright, in great mood most of the time. One huge issue I have noticed is that I cannot tolerate any drama around me. I find I can say what I want to say in a genuinely nice, polite but assertive way. I feel like myself again in a way that I haven’t for years, certainly not since I had breast cancer several years ago. Amazing technology, so simple to use. I can hardly believe I have resolved so many ongoing health issues with so little effort. I am a new woman and I thank God that I found Biomedis products. I cannot recommend them highly enough. Everyone should have one.
I have been using the Trinity for a few months now for a few diffident things and I find it amazing!
I work night shift and I used the energy restoration mode when I was feeling drained and within minutesI felt back to normal which is amazing.i have also used the bio sky crystals for back pain relief and menopause symptoms (sweats eat)and they work so fast I just love the Biomedis device and crystals and I would highly recommend them to everyone!! 

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