For a period of six months starting on the date the device was received by the
original customer from Biomedis Ireland, the distributor offers a warranty against
manufacturing and material flaws.

The product's service life has been officially determined to be 5 years.
If you treat your device well, you can extend its service life.

In the following situations, Biomedis Ireland is not liable:
- Defects in the product that occurred during usage, storage, or shipment.
- Natural catastrophe damages, including those caused by fire, water, flood.
- The perspiration and other bodily fluid damage. falls and careless use-related damages.
- Equipment that was purchased from a third party.
- Products with a broken manufacturing seal.
- If the product has been opened or otherwise tampered with, the limited warranty is null and invalid.
- If the repair is not covered by the warranty, Biomedis Ireland will charge a fair fee. Email info@biomedis.ireland for a return authorization and instruction on how to handle the issue if the equipment was purchased straight from Biomedis Ireland.

Instructions on how to send your gadget for warranty and after-warranty repairs
Include the following details in the following order in your written request:

- Your name
- Name of the Device,Device serial number
- Address, Phone, Email
- A description of the issue and solutions
- Take a picture or video of the object from all angles
- Today’s date, when we received the device from Biomedis Ireland
- Send your request by email to info@biomedis.ireland
- Put the tracking number in the subject line

Devices are shipped to Moscow, Russia, for repairs, which might take two
weeks to two months to get it back.

The delivery to the service centre in Ireland for evaluation is the sender's
responsibility. After we receive your request, we will give you the address.
Biomedis Ireland retains the right to refuse the delivery.

Print two copies of the request; keep one for yourself and include the other in
the device's box.

Send the device in its original packaging, including the menu book and
warranty card, but without any wires or accessories. It is strongly advised to
place the device into the original foam frame, which is located inside the box,
and to individually wrap each one in bubble wrap.

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