Ivaylo’s interest in BIOMEDIS began when he experienced first-hand the healing effect the company’s Trinity device had on his partner Joanne’s painful health condition. Joanne was suffering from fibromyalgia for many years and she had tried everything to relieve herself of the pain and other symptoms of this disorder. Prescribed medications did offer Joanne some relief, however the side effects she experienced were too difficult to cope with. Driven to seek a more natural, healing therapy for her illness, Joanne came across the BIOMEDIS Trinity device online. When Joanne went to buy the device, she was advised that it might take several weeks of using it to experience some relief from her symptoms. However, after just two days of using the device, Joanne felt much better. BIOMEDIS has given Ivaylo and Joanne their freedom and independence back. Now he want to share this gift with more people.


At BIOMEDIS IRELAND, we stand for our PASSION for helping people; pursuing EXCELLENCE in our customer service; and EMPATHY for the customers and community we always strive to serve with compassion and care.


BIOMEDIS products are non-invasive and designed to promote health and restore vitality in the body based on safe, gentle bioresonance therapy and bioresonance scanning technology. Every cell, organ and tissue in the body resonates at a specific frequency, which can be measured. With bioresonance scanning technology, our bioresonance device can measure the frequency of energy wavelengths coming from the body to create a bespoke health and wellbeing programme to put the body back in balance. Our products work by emitting a frequency that balances and realigns the energy waves that cause our bodies to move out of alignment and experience a wide range of symptoms like feeling unwell, lacking energy, experiencing pain or other ailments. BIOMEDIS bioresonance devices are safe, simple, and effective complementary therapy that can improve your quality of life and offer relief from a wide range of common ailments and health conditions.


We believe in our product, and we are passionate about its power to promote healing and relieve the body naturally.


We strive for excellence in how we support you at every step of your journey with our product and services.


Empathy is at the core of our business. It’s how we relate and always strive to serve with compassion and care. 

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